Bootstrap Broadcast

A Hands-on Guide To Delivering
On Demand Media With Roku Channels

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Important things you will learn.

Application Deployment

Load standalone applications to your Roku player.

Roku History

Get the back story on the company behind the this technology.


Measure data from multiple output of channels.

Hidden Roku Features

Get quick tips and shortcuts to make your device better.


Create a plan before development to speed up development.

Basic Coding

Learn basic BrightScript programming language.

Get started now and become
part of a new generation of content providers!

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You may have heard about Roku Streaming Media Players, but you may not know that you could put your own content on this relatively inexpensive and easy to use device.

This ebook will help you understand the entire development process so you can gain another distribution platform for your content. It’s a hand on guide for those individuals who are DIY and just want a way to get started experimenting with Roku channels and devices. Think of it as a “how to get my stuff on this device book”. Hopefully, it will inspire you to try your hand at creating a channel of your own.


Access to more information and services.

Take a video tour

Demo of a channel created for the book.

About the Author

Lacy McDowell has an extensive background in broadcast television, post production, interactive media and audio visual events. He loves experimenting with new Web technologies and consumer gadgets, as well as talking and writing about these topics. He enjoys connecting people to information and helping them manage their digital worlds.

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